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LGBTIQ+ Language Guide

2 March 2021 | Fact sheets


The LGBTI Legal Service Inc. offers free and confidential legal advice to Queensland residents who identify as members of the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex community. Consultations are held in-person at our West End office, via telephone or via videoconference for clients who live outside of Brisbane. We can assist with many legal issues including family law, domestic violence, criminal law (including victim support), employment law, gender identity, civil law, administrative law and government decisions, discrimination and human rights issues.


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A guide published by the LGBIT Legal Service to enhance awareness of emerging LGBTI terminology in order to assist and advocate for clients respectfully and appropriately. This guide defines many unique words and phrases used within the community. The guide is a non-exhaustive list of LGBTI+ terminology, accompanied by definitions and examples. Remember, it is OK not to remember or understand each term. If you feel confused about the use of a term, the best approach is simply to acknowledge this and ask about it in a respectful way.  We appreciate your engagement with this guide and hope it becomes a handy resource for future reference.


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