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Child Protection In Australia: The Conversation Series

16 October 2014 | Research papers


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The Conversation series on Child Protection in Australia includes the following articles:

We remove kids from abuse and neglect, but are they better off in the long run? (link is external)
By Maria Harries, University of Western Australia

We all have a role in protecting children: end the silence on abuse (link is external)
By Amy Conley Wright, University of Wollongong and Lynne Keevers, University of Wollongong

Abuse and neglect: Australia’s child protection ‘crisis’
(link is external)
By Leah Bromfield, University of South Australia

Risky business: how protection workers decide to remove children from their parents (link is external)
By Paul H Harnett, The University of Queensland and Sharon Dawe, Griffith University

Infographic: a snapshot of Australia’s child protection services (link is external)
By Emil Jeyaratnam, The Conversation

Follow the series on The Conversation website.


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Children and Youth, Domestic and Family Violence, Families, Support Services