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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People with Disability

3 Dec 2014 | Information




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ABS survey finds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages are more likely to be living with a disability than non-Indigenous people.

A new article from the Australian Bureau of Statistics compares the prevalence of disability among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Indigenous people, using data from the 2012 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC).

The SDAC is designed to measure the prevalence of disability in Australia and the need for support by people with disability.

This article marks the second release of data about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from the SDAC. The sample for the 2012 SDAC consisted of approximately 27,400 private dwellings, 1,000 health establishments and 500 other non-private dwellings. It was designed to provide reliable estimates of disability at the national level and for each state and territory


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