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  • Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012


    An Act to provide for protection of a person against violence committed or threatened by someone else if a relevant relationship exists between the persons, and to make amendments of the Criminal Code, the Evidence Act 1977, the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 and the Police Powers and...

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  • Mackay-Whitsunday Newsletter Edition 1

    June 2012  |  Newsletters

    An introduction to the Mackay-Whitsunday Family Law Pathways Network and a brief overview of upcoming network events.

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  • Grandparents and Kinship Care

    2012  |  Fact sheets

    For some, the anticipation of a new grandchild is pure excitement, they can hardly wait for the baby to arrive. This can be very reassuring for ‘first time’ parents who often ask their own parents for help and advice. Despite the best of intentions, problems can arise between parents and...

    Download: PDF icon FRSA Grandparents and Kinship Care.pdf

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  • Family Violence Best Practice Principles

    10/04/2013  |  Research papers

    Protecting families and particularly children who are engaged with the family law system from the effects of family violence is a priority for the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court.

    Download: PDF icon FVBPP Report_3.1_APRIL2013_web.pdf

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  • MensLine Australia

    7/11/2013  |  Links

    Provides telephone support, information and referral services for men with family and relationship concerns

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