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  • Property & Financial Matters upon the Breakdown of De Facto Relationships

    August 2014  |  Research papers

    Reforms introduced in 2009 to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) have meant that most same-sex and opposite-sex de facto couples (in all states and territories except Western Australia) who end their relationships can now have their property and financial matters dealt with in substantially the same way...

    Download: PDF icon cfca-paper24.pdf

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  • Children Affected by Domestic & Family Violence

    2014  |  Research papers

    This report sets out the findings of research into domestic and family violence (DFV) prevention, early intervention and response for children aged 0–8 years. The research was commissioned and funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

    Download: PDF icon PDF-6_Final_Report_Children_affected.pdf

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  • Groups & Communities at Risk of Domestic & Family Violence

    2014  |  Research papers

    A major report on violence prevention studies conducted by AIFS are now available on the NSW Family and Community Services website. The report reviews current literature and interventions, and provide recommendations to guide the development of new and enhanced violence prevention initiatives.

    Download: PDF icon PDF_4_Full_Report_At_risk_groups.pdf

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  • A safe and supportive family environment for children: key components and links to child outcomes

    14/8/14  |  Research papers

    Families are the mainstay of safety and support for children. While most children live in safe and supportive environments, governments are aware that too many children are becoming known to child protection services. This has led to a shift in thinking away from solely concentrating on responding...

    Download: PDF icon op52_safe_families_final_accessible_pdf_6_8_14.pdf

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  • Identifying Mental Health Risks during Separation

    28/8/14  |  Information

    Jamie Lee, Principal Researcher at Relationships Australia (SA), recently attended the 13th Australian Institute of Family Studies conference in Melbourne, where he presented his findings on the effectiveness of universal mental health risk screening to identify mental health risks in families...

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  • Alcohol's Burden of Disease in Australia

    July 2014  |  Research papers

    Burden of Disease (BoD) estimates based on current health and alcohol consumption data are integral in conceptualising the impact of alcohol on the Australian community. Such estimates are needed to assess changing trends of harm in the community related to drinking, and enable comparison of the...

    Download: PDF icon EMBARGO-FARE-Alcohol-Burden-of-disease-Report.pdf

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  • Circle of Security Attachment video

    June 2014  |  Information

    We are excited to share this video! A quick, to the point, key to parenting. Connection is just one of the take-aways from Circle of Security Parenting, but so very important. We hope you like this platform. We’ll be doing more of these in the future! 

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  • AIHW: Pathways through youth justice supervision

    August 2014  |  Research papers

    Pathways through youth justice supervision published by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare explores the types of youth justice supervision experienced by particular cohorts of young people based on data available from the Juvenile Justice National Minimum Data Set (JJ NMDS) from 2000–...

    Download: PDF icon Pathways Through Youth Justice.pdf

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  • The CALD Youth Census Report 2014

    August 2014  |  Information

    The CALD Youth Census Report 2014’ published by The Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network uses the latest Australian Census data to examine key issues for the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) youth population in Australia. The report focuses on the education, employment and living...

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  • Kids Central Toolkit

    July 2013  |  Information

    The Kids Central Toolkit aims to provide workers and services with information, resources and tools to use child-centred approaches in their work with children, young people and families.  The Toolkit is based around six key principles that support child-centred practice, and each principle...

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