Parents in a Child Protection System

June 2013 | Research papers


Teresa Hinton, Anglicare Tasmania,


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This report documents the experiences of 47 parents who have been involved with Tasmania’s Child Protection Service. It also covers the experiences of over 140 frontline workers employed by 40 different non-government services (NGOs) that have provided support to these parents. In addition, the research involved speaking with 16 child protection staff from across the state and five lawyers involved in child protection work. The aim of the research was not only to chart what happens to parents within the Child Protection Service but also to collate their views and those of NGOs about how to improve the design and delivery of services. A key focus of the report was working in partnership. The report explores the challenges involved for parents, for NGOs and for child protection workers to work together in partnership to best support children.



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Domestic and Family Violence, Families, Children and Youth