Independent Children’s Lawyers Study

May 2013 | Research papers


Australian Institute of Family Studies


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This report presents the findings of a mixed-methods research project examining the use and efficacy of Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL) in the family law system. The research, commissioned and funded by the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD), examines the extent to which having an ICL involved in a family law matter improves outcomes for children. A range of different aspects of ICL practice was examined on the basis of quantitative and qualitative data from ICLs, judicial officers, non-ICL lawyers, non-legal family law professionals (e.g., family consultants) and parents, children and young people who have been involved in a matter with an ICL. Overall, 528 professionals across the various groupings contributed to the data collections, in addition to 24 parents/carers and ten children/young people.


Legal, Children and Youth