Families Like Mine

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When people reveal to their family that their sexuality or gender identity is not as expected, it can be a challenging time for everyone involved. As a parent, you will now be asking yourself a lot of questions or maybe wondering how to behave around your child or loved one. Research around people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGB) and gender diverse tells us that a supportive family can make all the difference at the time of coming out, and beyond. Strong and embracing family relationships are important in supporting good health and mental wellbeing for LGB and gender diverse people. While this can be a hard time for a family, it’s crucial for them to support their LGB and gender diverse family members so that they can create environments that are inclusive of sexual and gender diversity.

As with young people coming out or forming their identity, family members are on a journey too. Some families, or individuals within a family, may have more understanding and knowledge of LGB and gender diverse people and communities than others. For some, it will be a steep learning curve as they encounter LGB and gender diverse people, culture and issues for the frst time. Some people may feel unsure about how to create an environment that supports their child or loved one or where to go for information and support for themselves.

This guide offers perspectives from LGB and gender diverse people and families, evidenced-based information and links to community networks to help you support your child or loved one as you move forward together.



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