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CQFLPN 2014 e-Newsletters

1/02/204 | Newsletters


Sandy Paton

CQFLPN e-Newsletters are designed to be a practical, no frills source of relevant and up to date Family Law information that cover both local and strategic matters. Content is placed directly into an email and distributed monthly. e-Newsletters include CQFLPN news and events; strategic information relevant to the Family Law system; topical news items; Family Court decisions of interest; information on local services; new resources, reports and grants and local events and training.

In focus group feedback CQFLPN members have indicated a preference for this type of newsletter as it enables them to quickly browse through for items of relevance to them. Links are provided to source material, sites and resources, so people may follow up on their areas of interest.

A print version of recent e-Newsletters is attached for your interest. Please feel free to browse, although the print format is not particularly user friendly. If you wish to receive cQFLPNe-Newsletters by email please contact Sandy Paton on [email protected] or by phoning 4939 4504