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Risk Screening: Evaluating risk in the family law setting

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About the event

Screening and assessment of safety is a fundamental task that underpins all professional practice. Risk is not a static factor; it is multi-dimensional and changes across time, therefore, requiring continuous assessment throughout the duration of client contact.  The complexity of case work has increased dramatically with, for example, mental health and cultural considerations, that have increased not only the degree of difficulty in our work but also require a greater skill set and knowledge base to our professional roles. 

The Greater Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network is proud to shine the light on risk screening and assessment so that we, as workers, may develop deeper understanding of:

  1. Identifying risks that occur with family law clients
  2. How mental health, gender, and cultural domains influence potential for risk
  3. Appropriate responding to risk concerns
  4. Introduce the DOORS screening tool
Event Presenter

Ms Robyn Hooworth

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Detailed Information

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 8:30am
Event Cost
$50 + GST
Riverside Receptions
50 Oxlade Drive
New farm , QLD