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Past Events

  • Family Law

    19/08/2014  |  Workshop

    Nundah Community Legal Service & Chermside FRC presents a FREE legal information covering: Divorce Property Settlement Mediation Parenting After Separation Defacto relationships Your rights Domestic Violence Orders Family Violence and the Family Law Act Community Support

  • Working with High Conflict People

    20/08/2014  |  Workshop

    FULLY BOOKED. FREE Working with High Conflict People - presented by Megan Hunter from The High Conflict Institute. A unique opportunity toi hear a top quality internatiuonally renown presenter in Rockhampton. To register please email [email protected]

    Download: Microsoft Office document icon CQFLPN Megan Hunter flyer.doc

  • Children First Program

    20/08/2014  |  Workshop

    Many children experience separation, divorce and family trauma, and find it difficult adjusting to this change in their lives.  

    Download: PDF icon c308 children first brochure f.pdf

  • Mediation Practice in Regional Australia: How it Works

    20/08/2014  |  Webinar

    Australia’s mediation practice has spread beyond the capital cities and many mediators are now setting up practice due to increasing demands in regional and rural areas, what are the challenges in setting up such a practice. This workshop is designed to identify both the benefits and the challenges in setting up a practice. How to get referrals? How do you market your practice? Should you specialise or diversify?

  • Abuse on Contact (AOC) Workshop

    26/08/2014  |  Training

    Practitioners in the community sector and other agencies who work with families postseparation are often required to respond to Abuse on Contact (AOC). AOC is harm that occurs when victims (both adults and children) of family or domestic violence (FDV), are exposed to ongoing violence post- separation as a result of the legal requirement to comply with family law orders, parenting plans or other agreements that allow or promote time between the children and the perpetrator of the violence.

    Download: PDF icon WLS_AOC_A4_Flyer_Final_LR.pdf

  • Going to Mediation? The Who, What, Where and Why of Mediation

    27/08/2014  |  Webinar

    It seems that almost every separating family finds themselves attending at some for of mediation, so what better time to learn as much as you can! This workshop will help you to better understand how mediation works, what to expect and how you can best prepare, and this is ideal if you are considering, or are going to mediation in relation to your family law matter. 

  • When life gives you Lemons, make margaritas!

    04/09/2014  |  Webinar

    After helping 2000 famililes with their divorce and separation, we have learned that the key to resolving your legal issues and moving forward is the ablity to look after yourself during your relationship breakdown. In this workshop we will assist you to understand how to best look after yourself and your family if your find yourself in this situation. 

  • So You're Going to Court?

    10/09/2014  |  Webinar

    If you find yourself having to go to the Family Courts it may feel like you have stepped into a mysterious land.  It is a place of fomality, procedure and at times a 'strange legal language'. This workshop will provide you with what you need to know when you are going to Court, including how best to prepare, what to expect when you get there and how to find solutions that will keep your family out of the Courts.

  • Supporting Clients Through the Family Law System

    15/09/2014  |  Workshop

    Download: Microsoft Office document icon SUPPORTING CLIENTS THROUGH THE FAMILY LAW SYSTEM FLYER.doc

  • Older Person's Rights

    16/09/2014  |  Conference

    Be informed on: Your Rights Enduring Power of Attorney Wills Financial advice Health Directives Prevention of abuse

    Download: PDF icon Older Rights.pdf