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Past Events

  • Children First Program

    18/02/2014  |  Training

    Many children experience separation, divorce and family trauma, and find it difficult adjusting to the change in their lives. Centacare CFRS offers a program called CHILDREN FIRST for children aged 5-15 years who have experienced separation or divorce in their families. It is a psycho-educational support group program that is designed to help children come to a better understanding of the divorce or separation of their parents, and also to help them adjust and adapt to the significant changes in their family life.  

    Download: PDF icon Children First Brochure 2014.pdf

  • Australian Mediation Association - 2014 Professional Development Calendar

    19/02/2014  |  Training

    Undertake continual professional development to meet your NMAS and FDRP accreditation requirements. These specialist courses and events are delivered by practicing mediators, and allow you to add input on key subjects.

  • Separation and Property

    26/02/2014  |  Conference

    Family Law has undergone many changes in the last few years.

    Download: PDF icon Separation Property SUNNYBANK.pdf, PDF icon Separation Property NF.pdf, PDF icon Separation Property BC.pdf

  • The effects of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workforce practices on families in Australia

    26/02/2014  |  Webinar

    A limited but growing amount of Australian research into fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work practices tentatively suggests that a FIFO lifestyle can have positive, negative or few effects on children and on family relationships, depending on the circumstances. This webinar will present findings from a CFCA research summary on the effects of FIFO workforce practices on families in Australia, which will be released on 12 February. Implications for research, policy and practice, FIFO families and mining organisations will be discussed by an expert panel, including:

  • Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers

    26/02/2014  |  Workshop

    A workshop for parents of teens that will cover: Being assertive with teenagers Setting limits and boundaries Parent's fears: Sex, drugs, alcohol and driving Handing over responsibility Dealing with anger: yours and your teenagers Communication Building your relationship

    Download: PDF icon BABI 2014.pdf

  • Real Women, Inspiring Lives

    02/03/2014  |  Conference

    Men, women and young people are invited to attend this forum, which features four amazing women who are making a difference to the lives of others.  They will share their insights into the forces that have shaped and driving them, and in doing so inspire and challenge others to the the same. Funds raised from the forum will be used to support local and international charitable projects. 

    Download: PDF icon Zonta.pdf

  • Sensory Attachment Intervention

    17/03/2014  |  Workshop

    Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI) is a model that looks at attachment disorder and sensory processing from an integrative, neuro-behavioural perspective for the treatment of children and adults who have suffered abuse or neglect. Children and parents with impaired attachment often have difficulty with self-regulatory systems. 

    Download: PDF icon BhreathnachBRISBANE2014.pdf

  • Mediation refresher #1

    18/03/2014  |  Webinar

    This webinar will cover defining mediation and how it fits along the ADR spectrum. The different models of mediation will be identified and how they can assist in resolving different disputes. The focus of this webinar will be on the facilitative mediation model, what it looks like and the participants will be walked through the stages of the process and strategies and tips for working with the model will be highlighted.

  • Risk Assessment in Action

    20/03/2014  |  Workshop

    This workshop is targeted at child protection workers in Child Safety and NGOs and goes beyond the basics to consider how skills and knowledge are applied in practice, particularly in complex situations where there is no clear ‘right’ decision.

    Download: PDF icon Risk assessment in action.pdf

  • Mediation refresher #2

    27/03/2014  |  Webinar

    This webinar will focus on the skills associated with mediation, it will highlight the skills and how best to use them to assist parties in moving through the mediation process. It will also highlight some of the areas that give both new and experienced mediators difficulty, how to work with the impasses and obstacles that come in mediation and how best to handle highly conflictual parties and situations.