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WEBINAR: Family violence, separated parents and fathering: Empirical insights and intervention challenges

24 July 2014 | Research papers


Dr Rae Kaspiew and Professor Cathy Humphreys


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This webinar highlighted findings and discussed the implications of recent research projects into family violence and fathering.

Dr Rae Kaspiew discussed the Survey of Recently Separated Parents 2012, which aimed to identify opportunities for improving support for children and their families after separation. In particular, detailed insights into the extent, severity, impact and disclosure of family violence were explored.

Professor Cathy Humphreys described a recently funded ARC project into family violence and fathering programs. The state of knowledge around family violence and fathering programs was discussed, as was the challenges involved when the issue of men's relationships with children are raised in the context of family violence.


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Children and Youth, Domestic and Family Violence, Families, Support Services
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