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Centacare/Family & Relationships Services (FaRs)

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Office hours at Maroochydore are 9am- 5.00 pm

Address 21 Cornmeal Parade, Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

P.O Box 5350, Maroochydore BC, QLD 4558


FOCCUS pre marriage education- The FOCCUS program aims to present couples planning to marry within the catholic church an opportunity to explore the dynamics of their relationship and grow in knowledge of themselves and their partners.


Couple Counselling – is offered by a specialist counsellor at Centacare. Couple counselling is not available or appropriate where domestic violence has been identified in the couples relationship.


Child counselling is offered at Centacare in Maroochydore for children from 6 to 16 years of age. Counselling interventions focus on providing age appropriate therapy by experienced child counsellors. A range of therapeutic activities are used in a sensitive and informed child focused way responding to the needs of children so that they feel supported, safe and understood and where they can be influential in their own lives. Children are encouraged to explore their feelings and express them in healthy ways. Counselling offers a safe place for children to work through unprocessed emotions and to talk about difficult things. Child counselling may also invite other family members to participate in therapy to assist and support changes taking place.


Adolescent counselling is offered at Centacare in Maroochydore for young people up to age 21 years. Counselling aims to assist young people better understand different types of personal issues, emotional trauma and to assist in the sometimes difficult transition from being a child, where they are dependent on their parents, to becoming an independent and mature adult. Counsellors utilise a range of creative mediums to assist young people to explore their experiences, make some sense of them and provide support to make positive decisions and changes. Sharing thoughts and feelings can assist young people to feel less isolated and more in control of their lives. Counselling provides young people with someone to talk to who will listen to their problems in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.


Personal Counselling is offered at Centacare/FaRs with counsellors assisting clients to work through personal issues for example anxiety, depression, grief and loss.


Groups for Children, Parents, Blended Families, Separated Families - Family relationship education and skills training services aim to assist couples and families, including those with children, to develop skills that will foster positive, stable family relationships with their partner or family. Centacare can offer groups/courses to a broad audience or tailor programs to suit a particular audience.


Family Relationship Services for Carers - Providing counselling to assist families caring for a person with a disability.



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FaRs services have a sliding fee scale dependant on a clients combined family income and capacity to pay. If clients are experiencing financial hardship this can be discussed with our intake officer and a reduced fee may be arranged.


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