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Centacare/ Suncoast Cooloola Outreach Prevention & Education (SCOPE)

Region: Sunshine Coast


Office hours at Maroochydore are 9am- 4.30pm

Address 21 Cornmeal Parade, Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

P.O Box 5350, Maroochydore BC, QLD 4558

Ø  Gympie Womens Health

Ø  Nambour Communtiy Centre

Ø  Caloundra Community Centre


Service Provisions offered by Centacare/SCOPE

Support Link – The support link program works collaboratively with Queensland Police Service (QPS) with referrals sent to SCOPE by QPS following a police call out with the Aggrieved/Respondents consent.


Court Support is offered across the five courts on the Sunshine Coast

Ø  Maroochydore – every Tuesday

Ø  Caloundra – every Monday

Ø  Noosa – every second Thursday

Ø  Gympie – every Wednesday

Ø  Nambour – once a month on Mondays


Court Support - TheWomen’s Domestic Violence Court Support Service provides free and confidential assistance to all women attending the Sunshine Coast & Gympie Magistrates Court for domestic and family violence matters. The service is available to all women applying for or responding to a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO). A specialist Domestic Violence Prevention Worker explains what DVPOs are, including conditions of DVPOs and what to do if an order is breached. Workers also clarify both general and specific court procedures and both the aggrieved and respondents options, including the consequences of different options. An important aspect of the service is to help identify risks to safety and access to the court’s safety facilities and assist with safety planning. After the clients DV Court mention, further clarification is available and referrals given that are specific to the client’s particular situation.


TheMen’s Domestic Violence Court Information and Referral Service provides free information and referral to all men attending the Sunshine Coast & Gympie Magistrates Court for domestic and family violence matters; whether he is responding to an application made against him or applying for a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO). The male specialist Domestic Violence Prevention Worker gives information about general and specific court procedures, options and consequences of options, speaks about the extensive definition of domestic and family violence and explains opportunities available to access the regional Behavioural Change Program. The Practitioner also alerts the police prosecutor and court staff of potential safety risks presenting on the day at court.


Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) Assist –is assistance in filling out an application for a DVPO. A specialist Domestic Violence Prevention Worker clarifies with the applicant the extent of support being sought at the time and facilitates accordingly. Dependant on the level of support requested and resources available the Practitioner can go through the form with the client, answer questions and give resources to aid her/him filling out the form or help to prepare the application when making changes (variations) to an existing DVPO. In both cases help with assessing risk and safety planning is provided. A Domestic Violence Protection Order application (DV1) is the document a Magistrate uses to measure whether the applicant’s allegations meets legislative requirements for the court to issue a DVPO. Police also use this document to decide whether they will represent the applicant in court.


Changing Gears is a 16 week changing behaviour program. The program runs weekly with 2 hour sessions of an evening and is run by a specialist male practitioner. The program focuses on non violent relationships and that it is not ok to use violence and abuse in relationships. Changing gears is focussed on stopping violence and abuse within family relationships.


Counselling and Outreach is offered by specialist Domestic and Family Violence practitioners to adults impacted by Domestic and Family Violence. The counselling and outreach may involve advocacy, safety planning, Information and referral options for other services dependant on the client’s situation. Outreach counselling options are offered in locations across the sunshine coast including

Ø  Gympie at Gympie Women’s Health Centre

Ø  Nambour at Nambour Community Centre

Ø  Caloundra at Caloundra Community Centre


Women on the Move – is an 8 week program that is provided for women who have been impacted by Domestic and Family Violence. The group is accessed through a process of a telephone intake. The group runs weekly for 8 weeks offering three hour sessions weekly that are open and ongoing. Women on the move offers different focus topics for discussion each week for example healthy relationships, boundaries etc. This is a supportive group with an emphasis on providing workshops for women affected by unhealthy relationships. For further information contact Centacare/SCOPE to find the location and dates for the next group.


Safety Upgrades – The safety upgrade program is purposed to provide the resources needed to enable women and children experiencing domestic violence to remain safe in their home. To be eligible for the safety upgrade program you will need to be named as the aggrieved on a Domestic Violence order with an ouster order or conditions stating the respondent is not to enter or remain in the home. The safety upgrades program works in conjunction with other services within the community including the court, police, dept of housing representatives, community housing organisations, real estate agencies and/or property owners and registered trades people with the aim of providing support and information that enables women and children to stay in and remain safe  in their home.


Community Education- provides information about domestic and family violence related issues or referral to appropriate services. Community education also raises awareness about domestic and family violence within schools and other education departments across the sunshine coast.


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SCOPE/Domestic and Family Violence Services are free of charge.


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