North Queensland


Ozcare Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (RDATS)

Region: North Queensland

Ozcare Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (RDATS) is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that focuses on life skills, relapse prevention and cognitive behavioural therapy with a strengths-based approach. We work off the working week model that we believe assists in developing structure within our clients' lives. This structure includes the allocation of weekly chores and a rostered evening meal plan that is organised in a group environment by the clients and adhered to on a daily basis.

RDATS has a psychologist onsite one day of the week and 24 hour support workers who act as Case Managers and provide general assistance for our clients. From 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday we have activities and group sessions that focus on communication, relapse prevention, anger and stress management, drug and alcohol awareness and mindfulness. We house up to 16 people with 4 beds designated to the female quarters.

The service is located at 82 Hammond Way, Kelso, Townsville. The client initiates contact.

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The target client group is adults.

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