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Medius, Creating Resolution

Region: North Queensland

Medius, creating Resolution is a private practice that has been providing mediation and facilitation services for over 20 years. Medius provides family law and family-related mediation services by our registered practitioners Brydget & Paul Barker-Hudson independently or together in gender-balanced mediation. Mediation can be provided through tele-conferencing, video-linked discussions or face to face with practitioners willing to travel to accommodate participant requirements. Medius strives to provide professional skills and expertise to enable clients and their families grow and prosper and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Medius has a number of fixed price packages including:

  • Child or property-focused conferences.
  • Combined child and property issues.
  • Relocation matters.
  • Grand-parent/significant other concerns.

Medius will facilitate meetings including:

  • Parental responsibility discussions.
  • Arrangements for special events and holidays.
  • Medical and other issue-specific conferences or specific topics.
  • Elder-related issues.

Medius has expertise in the use of mediation or arbitration in relation to family/family business and succession matters. Medius also facilitates end of life issues, aged-care and services, workplace and team development, education and child-related issues. Clients may contact Medius directly or through their lawyer, accountant or other service provider.


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Contact Information

Brydget Barker-Hudson:

Detailed Information

Service Fee

Applicable and 'packages' compatible to service level.

Service Inclusions

Clients from all sectors of our multi-ethnic society. The needs of Defence personnel, Aboriginal and Islander people, religious and migrant clients are facilitated.

Waiting List

Medius is responsive to client needs and will commence resolution creation upon contact.


Mediation/Family Dispute Resolution, Support Services

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