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  • Groves & Clark Solicitors

    Private Law Firm that offers professional legal advice and mediation for separated parents. The client initiates contact and fees are negotiated.

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  • Medius, Creating Resolution

    Medius, creating Resolution is a private practice that has been providing mediation and facilitation services for over 20 years. Medius provides family law and family-related mediation services by our registered practitioners Brydget & Paul Barker-Hudson independently or together in gender...

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  • Dads Support Program - Relationships Australia

    The Dads Support Program supports dads who have separated and are experiencing difficulties dealing with issues such as: grief, anger, conflict, communication, Family Law matters and preparation for mediation/not being heard. Further support with regards to "where to begin, where to from here...

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  • Parenting Orders Program - Relationships Australia

    The Parenting Orders Program aims to support separated parents who are experiencing difficulty with their co-parenting relationship. Parents who participate in the program may attend individual appointments to assist them achieve their goals. Group programs for parents and children affected by...

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  • NQ Women's Legal Service (NQWLS)

    NQ Women's Legal Service (NQWLS) provides free legal services, by women for women. It assists women who need help with family law (parenting and property), family/domestic violence, discrimination, sexual assault, child protection and Victims Assist matters. Outreach advice clinics are...

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  • Realising Possibilities

    Realising Possibilities is a private practice that provides counselling for adults and children (Medicare rebates are available). Other services offered include training and consultancy, assessment and report writing. Referrals are through the client initiating contact or from professionals...

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  • Ozcare Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (RDATS)

    Ozcare Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (RDATS) is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre that focuses on life skills, relapse prevention and cognitive behavioural therapy with a strengths-based approach. We work off the working week model that we believe assists in...

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  • Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Service (QIFVLS)

    Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Service (QIFVLS) is a not-for-profit organisation which provides legal and support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples suffering from direct and indirect effects of violence and sexual assault.   QIFVLS provides a range of legal...

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  • Charters Towers Neighbourhood Centre

    Charters Towers Neighbourhood Centre (CTNC) is a community organization that offers counselling and support. CTNC has a range of services and these include Children's Support Programs and Services, Domestic Violence Services and Family Support Services. They also provide parenting information...

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  • Family Intervention Services - Family Intervention Services - Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service

    Family Intervention Services - Townsville Aboriginal and Islander Health Service (TAIHS) is a community organization which aims at supporting clients of Child Safety Service Centres where ongoing intervention with a family is required. The principal aims of the support service are to preserve...

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