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Family Law Pathways Network Events

  • Court Visits - Family and Federal Circuit Courts Brisbane

    04/02/2020  |  Training

      Experience the Courts in Action - Professionals working with separating families have the opportunity to see the courts in action by observing a Federal Circuit Court Judge running a Family Law Duty List. See first hand what your clients will experience when they file or respond to family law proceedings to help you provide better support and guidance. 

    Download: PDF icon 2020 Court Visits.pdf

  • Profession Development Workshop with neuroscientist Nathan Wallis

    13/02/2020  |  Workshop

      "The voice of children in Family Law - expectations, responses and actions" based on latest research findings of the developing brain, presented by leading neuroscientist, Nathan Wallis

  • Pathways Information Expo 2020

    10/06/2020  |  Workshop

    Pathways Information Expo aims to bring together expertise and knowledge from a broad range of organisations with the purpose of supporting those working within the family law sector in providing accurate information and appropriate referrals to their clients.

    Download: PDF icon Pathways Information Expo Date Claimer .pdf

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