Family Law Pathways Network Updates

Sister Sisters Support Group

Domestic Violence Support Group for women who have experienced domestic and family violence and are at a stage where they are ready to start re-connecting with the community through friendships, work or other. These sessions will be focussed on building  self-esteem and empowerment through self-care, nutrition and exercise options, self-defence, education and employment pathways, financial advice, and volunteering (to name a few).

The group is for women who have experienced domestic violence, it is not a therapy group and DV should not maintain the focus. It is preferred- but not essential, that women being referred to this group have attended the DVRS Women’s Education Group or something similar (Samaritan House Lifeskills program for example).

There will be a counsellor from DVRS or Lowanna available for each session to provide immediate interim support for anyone who arrives at the group upset, or who-at that particular moment- might benefit more from one on one support.

The group is held at the Mackay Women’s Centre at 11am-12:30pm every second Tuesday, starting last week (15th of July) and will run until the 16th of December 2014.

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