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Reflections on the Coronial Inquest on Charmaine Dragun & Implications for Psychologists and the

In 2010, a coronial inquest was held into the suicide of Ms Charmaine Dragun, a prominent television newsreader. The inquest examined the diagnoses and clinical
management of Ms Dragun by her general practitioners, psychologist and diagnosis of
Ms Dragun, her treatment by her general practitioners and psychiatrist, and her therapeutic management. This case has attracted considerable publicity, and raised
concerns and anxiety among treating psychologists particularly in relation to diagnosis and case management.

This seminar will explore:
• The coroner’s findings and recommendations, the facts and evidence tendered to the inquest, and the implications
for health care professionals, especially psychologists, and for the public;
• The importance of, and issues relating to note-taking, and the implications for practice;
• The engagement of mental-health professionals with the legal system;
• How suicide prevention programmes are be made more effective.


Mental Health
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