Central Queensland

Family Law Pathways Network Updates

Activities of CQFLPN

All activities undertaken by the CQFLPN are directly connected to its principal objectives of
1. Promoting awareness of services
2. Conducting cross-sectoral training

Our promotion and awareness activities include:

  • development and regular updating of a local directory of service - see Referral Resource
  • an inclusive and strategic approach to membership and membership development from a proactive steering committee that is comprised of: the only two core funded Family Law Services in the region; a Community Legal Centre; Legal Aid; 2 private legal practioners; Department of Human Services; Family Court ; Domestic and Family Violence Support Service;an Indigenous Legal Service; a child and family support service and an Indigenous Domestic and Family Violence support service. Registered membership of the CQFLPN is curently around 380 (incorporating individuals, organisations and Networks) with an additonal 280 contacts as part of a larger general broad community email network.
  • daily circulation through the email network of local training opportunities, services currently on offer, changes to existing services or new services.
  • facilitating meetings between network members to discuss appropriate referral mechanisms
  • Steering Committee members located at the Court ensuring that brochures and flyers promoting Family Law services are always available and providing verbal information on services in the area
  • supporting sector networks (DV and Mental Health) 
  • conducting a minimum of 4 CQFLPN cross-sectoral training events each calendar year
  • development and circulation of a monthly newsletter which covers matters including CQFLPN news, events and training; strategic items of interest; information on local services; Family Law court decisions of interest; recent news items; new resouces, reports and funding available and a monthly calendar of local events, training and service activities. See - Public Resource
  • a pro-active approach by grass roots members into growing the CQFLPN and promoting training and events
  • regular attendance by the facilitator at the DV Network meetings, the Rockhampton Mental Health Interagency Community of Practice and other relevant events, to promote and highlight
  • Maintenance of CQFLPN webpage

Additionally CQFLPN conducts a number of cross-sectoral training events or information sessions each year.  Any CQFLPN member can put forward a request for multi-disciplinary and professional development training relevant to family law service system. Such requests are prioritised by the Steering Committee on the identified learning needs and priorities of local practitioners and professionals. This network has good engagement with local murri (Indigenous) services,  services relevant to the CALD community, the mental health sector,drug and alcohol services and family violence and protection services.  We have already conducted cross sectoral training on topics including mental health issues; child safety; domestic and family violence; lateral violence and its impact on murri fanilies and communities;  migration, refugees and family law as well as general Family Law topics, including on programs such as AVERT and DOORS and run Information Sessions for members and key organisations to facilitate understanding of each other’s roles. . All training and events are structured to provide opportunities for cross-sectoral networking and information sharing. Future events and training will continue to maintain an inclusive approach and be flexible and responsive to meet the identified needs of CQFLPN members.

We also facilitate Social, Learning and Networking evening events that bring together a key note speaker and members of the legal and not for profit sector. The purpose of these events is to: raise awareness of organisations and services within the network, support the development of a common understanding on family law issues and encourage the development of relationships and referrals between members of the network.

For information on up coming events and training in this region see - Event


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